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Since its inception in 1981 by founder Spiro Pavlakis, Pav-Lak has grown to be one of New York’s leading general contractors thanks to the company’s commitment to quality workmanship. When Pavlakis arrived in the United States as a young man, he was eager to learn the construction trades, and quickly gained as much experience as possible. “Regard­less of the task, Spiro was driven to perform it to the very best of his ability,” the company recalls. “What set him apart from everyone is that he persevered with a passion for excellence. It was his passion along with a winning drive to succeed that has brought him to where he is today – a self-made successful businessman and entrepreneur with a company whose reputation is built on excellence.”

Pavlakis is preparing the company for the next generation of ownership to take the reins of the firm, and his son currently operates as the company’s vice president. “He emulates Spiro’s work ethic and philosophy by going the extra mile to ensure the perfect results on every job, for every client,” the company states. “For Spiro Pavlakis, it took great integrity and perseverance to allow Pav-Lak to rise to the top of the construction industry. However, remaining at the top is an ever-greater challenge for the company today.

The Hauppauge, N.Y.-based company provides an array of services for a variety of government and private-sector clients. “In addition to a diverse group of clientele, our experience in the construction industry is equally diverse as it is vast,” Pav-Lak says. “[Past projects include] a range of renovation projects to various large scale new construction projects.”

For more than two decades, the founder’s goal of providing the highest quality product at a low cost and earned him a list of repeat clients and long-term employees. “As his business developed, he hired employees who shared in his personal insight and professional work ethic of becoming not necessarily the biggest, but one of the best general contracting firms around,” the company says. “From small public and private pro­jects Spiro learned how to compete through the bidding process for larger public jobs and which enabled him to increase the size and scope of Pav-Lak’s projects and continual success.”

Founded on the core principles of in­tegrity, professional service, timely performance and safety, the firm continues to build and enhance its reputation for success. “The Pav-Lak philosophy of al­ways performing at the top of one’s ability can be seen in all aspects of our work from inception to completion,” the company explains. “The dedication to perfection together with swift, responsive service and our personal attention to details is our clients’ assurance of superior quality and absolute satisfaction for every project and everything we do.”

To better serve its clients, Pav-Lak operates three divisions in construction management, general contracting and design/build services. “By expertly crafting the ideal blend of individual talent with an integrated team approach, Pav-Lak has developed a reputation for un­surpassed technical integrity and professional excellence,” the company states. 

Pav-Lak says it strives to exceed customers’ expectations on every project. “We do this by listening to our clients and their specific requirements, while maintaining ongoing communications throughout the project,” the company states. “As a result, our team quickly be­comes capable of actually anticipating our clients’ needs and swiftly delivering sound, cost-effective solutions.”

Creating a Safety Culture

Pav-Lak’s zero-tolerance safety policy and commitment to continually meeting OSHA regulations have created a safe working environment for employees and subcontractors alike. “Safety is taken seriously and without exception by each and every individual on the job site,” the company states. “At Pav-Lak, we consistently strive to meet all OSHA rules and regulations and implement a number of compliance regulations.”

All job sites are regularly inspected and monitored for compliance with all OSHA rules and regulations by Pav-Lak’s corporate safety manager. In addition, a safety representative is appointed to each project to ensure compliance by all subcontractors. All employees participate in regular toolbox safety meetings located on each job site.

“We also maintain a contractor controlled insurance program that self-insures subcontractors on all projects,” it adds. “Risk assessment inspections are done on a regular basis to ensure that Pav-Lak and subcontractors are in strict compliance with all safety guidelines.”

Controlling Quality

Quality control is imperative, and Pav-Lak’s quality management system (QMS) en­sures work is completed successfully. 

“Through QMS, we’re able to ensure a complete understanding of each individual client’s needs,” the company says. “The system also enables our team to effectively manage all ongoing improvements, and adapt to evolving situations. This is achieved through a core plan that designates responsibility for each key process, and provides for strict monitoring. Equ­ally important, QMS allows us to assure total compliance with all relevant codes and regulations.”